• Bill S.

    Bill S.
    Love these harnesses!
    My two little dogs have been wearing their leather harnesses nonstop for almost 5 months. The harnesses still look amazing even though my two girls (terrier mixes) both spend a lot of crawling under furniture and the harnesses don't wear out. I use a little leather lotion I got from Georgygirl and the harnesses shine right up. Ok to wear out in the rain too. We get stopped everywhere in these harnesses -- best harness I ever bought. (Posted on 5/27/13)
  • Sharon and Izzy Hollinger

    Hi Carole,
    I just wanted to tell you Izzy is loving her Georgygirl harness!  She normally doesn't like harnesses but this one is so soft and flexible that she's happy to wear it and I'm happy because she's not choking when we go for walks.  But not only is it very functional it's the coolest harness I've seen!  The leather is beautiful and the silver heart is gorgeous, I wish I had a purse to match!
    I get stopped all the time by envious dog owners wanting to know where I got Izzy's pretty harness,  Georgygirl Boutique of course!
    Both Izzy and I send a big thank you for making such a stunning dog accessory.
  • YG

    We love it!!!
    Peanut, our little chihuahau loves her Georgygirl Harness. She's only 6 lbs. - the small fits perfect and is stretchable and extremely fashionable. We LOVE It!!
  • Andrew and Gina

    Andrew and Gina
    Best harness we ever bought!
    We met the Georgygirl entourage down at Santana Row and loved the three little poms -- they are totalling stying in these harnesses. We took one home in black with the fleur de lys for our little Sadie. She is a Shitz tsu mix and is our spoiled child. She has trouble breathing and squirms out of most harnesses. Not this one - she's comfortable, happy and she looks amazing. We highly recommend this harness - your dog will love and it and you will too.

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