Doggie Boutique

We got into the dog clothing business because we wanted to be able to dress our dogs in the same quality and fun items as we dress ourselves in. There are loads of clothing stores for pets out there; our goals are to continue to add unique quality items that are well designed and good for your best friend and for you. Georgygirl Doggy Boutique specializes in fashionable well fitted cotton/spandex tank tops, hoodies and shirts for dogs. All of our tanks and shirts have a comfort notch on the inside so that your pal can look good while taking care of business. We create our own unique designs in crystals, nail heads, print designs and foil work. For the cold weather, we feature warm fuzzy cotton fleece zip up hoodies that wear well and keep your little dog cozy. All of our dog couture is made in the USA. This year we are adding specialty comfort harnesses and leashes, tee shirts and more of the dog products that we really love.

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